I helped to create a fintech investment
experience based on billionaires portfolios.

Project: iBillionare     Year: 2014-2015     Role: Art Director, User Interface & User Experience Designer



In 2014, I joined iBillionare, a fintech startup, as an in-house Lead Designer and User Experience Consultant to manage all brand assets, Android and iOS mobile apps updates, responsive web app and external brand communication elements. After 6 months, we launched a new gold branded iOS app for investments based on billionaires’ assets called iBillionaire Capital.

2 Founders

2 Finance Analysts
4 Engineers
1 Product Designer


When I joined the iBillionaire team, they had already worked on their brand and their new app, but due to the high amount of iterations, the brand unity was affected. The first project I was assigned was a new branded website. In order to optimize time and streamline iterations, I decided to split the design process into sprints, just as the development team did. This way, we achieved a continuous work flow between the on-site developers and the new design implementation.

The most important feature to be emphasized in the web was the real time notifications of stock market transactions. For that, I thought that a big graphic that included the main information on a digestible way would be the best option; then, a table to be able to access information on a less visual and more pragmatic way; and at the end a news block to know the status of context in real time.

I love starting my projects by drawing on my blank notebook and this one was no exception. Thinking of the main objectives of each screen, and also of a frictionless user flow, I started defining hierarchies and organizing data so as to be able to think of an adequate feel and look.



In order to unify assets to be used in the web, mobile devices and social networks, I decided to create a style guide that helped unify the brand’s visual language.


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Art Direction
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User Flows
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After several investment rounds, the product path evolved to become a premium product, which in addition to providing information on the markets status, allows to invest from the mobile app. I was in charge of creating a new look and feel to place the product on a premium and high-level scale.



Being part of iBillionaire team was an enormous challenge. Up on the rollercoaster of startups life I’ve learnt how to optimize resources in order to achieve results in short timeframes. I was acting as a bridge, directly referring to CEO and CTO in order to attain, from a complex problem, with lots of data and information, a frictionless product with digestible information.